"If you give an individual a fish you feed him for a day, but, if you teach him to fish you feed him for life."

We, at Skill Tree Solutions, recognize that colleges are keen on investing time and effort in bringing up the employability of their students and we therefore bring to you programs that best suits your needs.

Read ahead to know about some of the programs SkillTree offers for Institutional Success.

Communication Skills & Language Enhancement

According to a Times Group news article, it has been found that poor communication skills get in the way of career growth for many Indian students despite of them being qualified otherwise.Good communication skills are an indispensable asset without which goals may not be realized. It forms a part of your self-concept, and it helps you understand yourself and others, solve problems and learn new things, and build your career.

Whatever your need may be – to crack an interview, to be a good presenter, public speaking, to communicate effectively with your colleagues, team members or clients – we, at Skill Tree Solutions offer workable and implementable solutions to help you build your skill set.

Empower them, so that they can make a difference in the real world!

Placement Enhancement Programs

Students look to catapult their careers to new heights when they join an educational institute. Skill Tree, therefore, believes in aligning itself with these institutes to contribute to developing the personality of a student and providing them with the necessary tools that help bridge the gap between employment and employability.

Our trainers work with students on basics soft skills concepts such as:
  • Fundamentals of communication
  • Confidence building
  • Impression management
We, also, have specially designed courses to equip students with career marketing skills such as:
  • Personal Interviews
  • Group Discussions
  • Resume Writing

Soft Skill Development Programs

A recent report by Business World estimates the number of students graduating each year to be around 50 lacs of which only 25 per cent of which are deemed to be employable.

Doesn't sound true, does it? Unfortunately, it is!

The crux of the problem lies in a fact that everywhere (schools and colleges) there is a lot of focus on learning the technical skills. There is practically no emphasis on learning the behavioral aspect -- the soft skills -- for career progression.

We need to understand that India sits on an opportune moment in history today, with a demographic dividend of 65% of her human resource pool under the age of 35 with about 12 million individuals expected to join the workforce every year. With the demographic dividend, comes the responsibility of equipping the youth with employable training and inturn, employment.

Are you willing to join hands with us towards this initiative?